About ISE

Learn about the mission, governance, and background of the Information Sharing Environment and its mission partners.

What is the ISE?

The ISE provides analysts, operators, and investigators with integrated and synthesized terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and homeland security information needed to enhance national security and help keep our people safe. Continue reading about the ISE or find more specific information in the links below:

Industry's Role in the ISE

The ISE cannot be built or succeed without standards-based innovation. Innovation will result in faster delivery of more cost effective solutions; greater agility in the face of evolving threats through reuse and the ability to identify new requirements and form dynamic networks across mission partners; and the ability to reduce redundancy and unnecessary complexity that drives costs, slows progress, and only aids those that would do us harm. Continue reading...


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Open Government

Enabling transparency is a key goal of the Information Sharing Environment.

Annual Report

The ISE Annual Report is required by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, which states that the PM-ISE is to provide the Congress “a progress report on the extent to which the ISE has been implemented.” The 2012 ISE Annual Report highlighted major ISE activities since July 2011. Continue reading a summary of the 2012 Annual Report.