Prove Your Interoperability and Standards Compliance with IJIS Springboard

Our mission is to advance responsible information sharing–not by building a system or mandating policy, but by convening government agencies, engaging industry and other partners, and supporting their information sharing efforts. One of the main ways we do this is by promoting adoption of technical standards throughout government and industry so that more information sharing capabilities are built into systems from the beginning.

Until now, however, government and industry have had no way to validate or prove their systems’ standards conformance. For example, if a company builds a tool that is NIEM-conformant, this tool would be more preferable to government than one that is not–in fact, many government agencies require this. However, there hasn’t been a way for the company or government to be certain that they are definitively using NIEM in a proper manner until the tool is acquired and implemented. Until now…

IJIS Springboard

This is why, along with BJA, we sponsored Springboard, a program established in July 2012 by the IJIS Institute, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to improving justice, public safety, and homeland security information sharing. Springboard is a forum where the IJIS Institute works with industry and government to evaluate, test, and certify information sharing and interoperability standards or an implementation of a standard. More specifically, they:

  • Evaluate relevant standards through a consensus management process;
  • Test standards in a shared resources environment;
  • Generate engineering reports, implementation profiles, test suites, reference implementations, and other assets;
  • Certify products and implementations through a compliant conformance management process; and,
  • Support and steward standards and Springboard initiative work products through standards governance partnerships.

First Product Certified!

Recently, the IJIS Institute and the Springboard initiative team conducted a test, demo, and webinar all in one: the Springboard-PMIX Initiative’s Conformance Test. This test was necessary to determine whether a new Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PMP) Information Exchange (PMIX) met the interoperability standards defined in the PMIX State-to-Hub service specifications. To learn more about the first healthcare data analysis company to conduct a successful conformance test, visit the IJIS Institute's blog post, A Measure of Sanity.

At a time when many states report problems with "pill mills," sharing information about prescription drugs is crucial to reducing prescription drug abuse.

What’s Next

We hope and expect many more organizations and companies will test and certify their systems and standards through the Springboard initiative. These standards not only make information sharing across state lines a reality, but they can save organizations and taxpayers a lot of money, as well. Learn more about the Springboard program and get involved. You can also learn more about our broader work engaging industry and government in standards by visiting our Standards Coordinating Council.

Blog Author: Carrie A. Boyle, Former PM-ISE Director of Standards and Architecture | Apr 01, 2013

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