AFEI Event Next Week: Shared Services across Government

PM-ISE is excited to participate in the Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI)’s January 25th event, Shared Services across Government, which is now free for US government employees. This event will continue the important government and industry dialogue around information sharing services and standards from December’s Standards Palooza, or WIS3.

Shared Services: Doing More with Less
Shared services is a key element of our strategy in building an effective, standards-based Information Sharing Environment. Federal government agencies and ISE mission partners, including state, local, and tribal governments, must continue to perform the information sharing mission with fewer resources. Additionally, our federal agencies can no longer expect to have autonomous, disconnected information environments.

Instead, agencies must deliver faster solutions with fewer resources while developing authoritative, agile architectures and standards to guide investment. In a time of declining budgets and an evolving federal IT landscape, shared services is a clear way for agencies and organizations to do more with less.

Information Sharing and Safeguarding
Responsible sharing and safeguarding of information across government requires a robust information environment that employs shared services effectively and efficiently. To enable the ISE, we will need standards-based shared services environments that have a robust trust framework and governance.

We are looking forward to hearing government and industry experts come together to share lessons learned and best practices for establishing shared services across multiple organizations – and we hope you can join us there and contribute your thoughts! Visit the AFEI event page to RSVP.


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Blog Author: David Bray, Former PM-ISE Executive for Innovation, Integration, & Interoperability | Jan 18, 2012

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