Save the date! Dec 5 is the Workshop for Information Sharing & Safeguarding Standards (WIS3)

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Friends of the ISE: Our office is excited to announce that we are hosting the Workshop for Information Sharing & Safeguarding Standards, or WIS3, in DC on 5 December 2011. This workshop will bring together industry, government, and nonprofit participants to debate, discuss, and ultimately agree to standards and frameworks that will enable responsible information sharing and safeguarding across departments and agencies.

WIS3 builds on last year’s ISE standards conference, where 40 experts from across the technology and public sectors discussed the challenges and opportunities in the information sharing world.

This year, we are planning a far larger event to scrutinize the entire ISE “standards stack,” including:

  • Standard content exchange
  • Access and privilege automation
  • Federated information sharing frameworks

Private Sector: You are important!
For WIS3 to be successful, we need strong attendance from industry. We need to hear from you about standards you’re currently using and plans for the future. Ideally, we want to move toward a vision in which the government purchases hardware and software solutions with responsible information sharing and safeguarding standards already “baked into” the product. 

ISE Mission Partners: You are important!
We need our government mission partners to tell us what they need to enable their counterterrorism, WMD, and homeland security missions. We want to use industry standards in the ISE as much as possible, as they make information sharing and safeguarding simpler and more predictable, and your input is critical for this to work.

Standards Development Organizations: You are important!
Your role in the facilitating the development of standards is critical to this work – we need to hear your voices at this workshop.

So save the date: 5 DECEMBER 2011. WIS3 is coming… Sign up for email updates and follow us on Twitter at @shareandprotect and #WIS3 so you don’t miss out!

Blog Author: David Bray, Former PM-ISE Executive for Innovation, Integration, & Interoperability | Oct 13, 2011

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