The Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) is always looking for teaming opportunities to more effectively serve our public safety and homeland security communities. After a great deal of hard work and preparation, we are very excited to announce that HSIN and the Regional Information Sharing System® (RISS) have achieved an initial interoperability milestone between the two networks! Accessibility of RISS’ resources through HSIN enables us to expand our effectiveness to support law enforcement, emergency managers and first responders with the tools and resources they need. RISS’ secure RISSNET is one of the most resilient networks for helping protect our nation and I am very proud to announce this partnership which gives users expanded access to the information they need to help keep our nation safe.

HSIN and RISS are both members of the Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) Working Group and the larger Information Sharing Environment (ISE). This achievement is a step in the direction of driving the SBU community – largely focused on the law enforcement mission – towards better information sharing through interoperable networks. The HSIN – RISS partnership serves as a model for other members to expand information sharing and safeguarding practices.

Before RISSNET was accessible via HSIN, officers in the field were required to sign-in to the systems separately. This integration makes it easier and more convenient for law enforcement personnel to get the information they need, when they need it.

To ensure full compliance with the Privacy Act and the DHS Privacy Office’s standards, the HSIN Policy Office led a team of analysts from HSIN, the DHS Privacy Office, and RISSNET to update HSIN’s Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for User Accounts Registration. This team conducted a thorough review and assessment of the privacy implications of HSIN-RISSNET federation, and ensured that HSIN and RISSNET complied with all privacy compliance requirements. You can read about of HSIN’s various privacy compliance efforts.

As part of this initial partnership, current HSIN users now have access to two RISSNET resources: RISSNET TechPage and Automated Trusted Information Exchange (ATIX), which contain information relevant to more than 40 law enforcement, homeland security, public safety and critical infrastructure communities of interest with a natural disaster and terrorism nexus. We are looking forward to making additional RISSNET resources available under phase two of the partnership later this year.

HSIN continues to develop and implement critical improvements as we maintain our secure position as the front door access to Homeland Security information. I hope that you take time to explore the additional resources that are made available through this partnership and give us your feedback to help make HSIN a better security and monitoring tool for your team and community.

If you would like more information about this or other partnerships, please contact HSIN Outreach at HSIN.Outreach@hq.dhs.gov.

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Blog Author: Donna Roy, Executive Director, DHS Information Sharing Environment Office | Mar 19, 2014

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