FBI's Guardian portal expands for cyber threat information

As our threat environment evolves, the office of the PM-ISE and our information sharing partners have been leveraging the progress in counterterrorism information sharing to address other threats, like cybersecurity. We’re seeing examples across the government, including the development of iGuardian at the FBI.


In recent months, the FBI has expanded their Guardian counterterrorism portal to include a portal for working with industry on cyber threats. iGuardian is the newest addition to the existing InfraGuard portal and provides a means for industry partners to report cyber attacks.

Here’s how it works: If a private company is being attacked, they can sign into the portal, fill out a report and trust it will be shared with the right cybersecurity experts within FBI. Cyber Watch, the FBI’s command center for cyber intrusion prevention and response operations, assesses the report, shares it with their interagency partners, and can analyze the attack and identify other companies or sectors that may be experiencing similar attacks. This contributes to understanding the national threat picture and enables better response and mitigation. 

As discussed in the ISE Annual Report, iGuardian builds on the successful InfraGuard portal and provides for trusted communications between over 55,000 industry partners and the FBI.  This new system streamlines the process and reduces error. It is also consistent with Executive Order 13636 and Presidential Policy Directive 21 enacted to improve the sharing of cyber threat information between and among sectors and government. iGuardian’s launch is an acknowledgement that the private sector holds a tremendous amount of critical information and is a key partner in cybersecurity.

What’s Next

The FBI wants to expand this capability to other kinds of threats (not just cyber) and beyond the current user base (which is limited to InfraGuard users). If your company would like to work with iGuardian, contact your local FBI field office and ask to speak with the InfraGard coordinator.

The FBI will soon roll out the Cyber Shield Alliance, a cybersecurity partnership initiative developed by law enforcement for law enforcement to proactively defend and counter cyber threats against law enforcement networks and critical technologies. Members receive access to cyber intelligence and threat products, training opportunities, incident reporting tools and more. Law enforcement personnel can sign up for Cyber Shield through LEO.gov.  

We’d love to hear of other ways your organization is using information sharing innovations to address emerging threats.  Comment below or share your success stories through the Building Blocks.

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