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Rap Sheets, Watchlists and Spy Networks Now Available With Single Click

Thursday, November 6, 2014

This week at the National Fusion Center Association annual training event, ISE demonstrated the RISSnet to HSIN to Intelink to LEEP single sign on capability. We blogged about the milestone here. NextGov subsequently interviewed Kshemendera Paul and descrived the process as the following:

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Buzz in the ISE

Bold Move: DoD Adoption of NIEM & AFEI Webinar

The Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI) is hosting the second in a series of webinars on the Department of Defense’s adoption of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM).  The next one is scheduled for August 14, and you don’t want to miss it!   

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The role of the ISE in cybersecurity

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our goals for 2014. One of the National Strategy priority objectives that I mentioned was safeguarding. Cybersecurity is an enormous challenge facing the nation, and we all need to play a part in safeguarding our critical information.

The Job of Protecting Security and Privacy

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

By Alexander W. Joel

Many Americans probably don't know that there is a senior official whose job by law is to help ensure that civil liberties and privacy protections are built into intelligence programs. I am that official - the "Civil Liberties Protection Officer." I engage with the director of national intelligence and other intelligence officials to oversee and guide intelligence activities.

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National Network of Fusion Centers Final Report Released

The expanding reach of transnational organized crime syndicates and terrorist threats across cyberspace, international borders, and U.S. jurisdictional boundaries require information sharing partnerships among the federal government; state, local, tribal, and territorial governments; and the private sector. These partnerships are the foundation of a robust and efficient homeland security intelligence enterprise that fosters sustained collaboration.

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Challenges and Solutions for Secure Info Sharing Identified in the Workshop for Info Sharing and Safeguarding Standards (WIS3)

We recently gathered with over 100 government, industry, and non-profit professionals to brainstorm and debate information sharing and safeguarding standards and frameworks at the Workshop for Information Sharing and Safeguarding Standards (WIS3). Below is a brief summary of some of the challenges and solutions that government and industry leaders discussed at WIS3. This is by no means comprehensive, though, and we plan to release more robust outlines of the challenges that our community faces and our plans for solutions soon.