Information Sharing Environment Career Opportunities

Internal PM-ISE Positions

We are actively looking for a wide range of permanent cadre, Staff Reserve, GS reimbursable detailees and GS assignees seeking career development opportunities in the Information Sharing and Safeguarding mission space. Please review the opportunities below with PM-ISE and our federal government mission partners. Please contact our Chief of Staff at 202-331-2490 or email us through our Contact Us page. Subscribe to receive email updates when new items are posted.

Partnership & Liaison Officer

Our office is hiring a high potential GS-12/13 with previous operational experience preferably with Federal, State or local law enforcement experience, to help us achieve the long-term ISE vision – National Security Through Responsible Information Sharing. The chosen candidate will participate in partnerships and manage partner visits with senior leadership, to include advancing coordination with partners, developing drafts of meeting agendas, developing Memorandums for the Records, and monitoring the completion of follow-on actions.

You can find more information about this 2 year detail position online at USAJobs:

Executive for Oversight and Stakeholder Engagement

Our office is hiring an executive to lead and oversee national ISE Oversight & Stakeholder Engagement initiatives involving Federal, State, local, and tribal echelons of government, as well to ensure engagement with private sector and international mission partners. Candidates should have expert knowledge of the laws, policies, procedures, and technologies affecting information sharing and safeguarding in the intelligence, defense, homeland security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs communities. 

View the position online and apply on USAjobs:

Information Sharing & Safeguarding Officer (GS-15 Detail)

The office is looking for candidates that will lead, oversee, plan, and develop the implementation of interagency information sharing and safeguarding programs, policies, and procedures that result in effective, responsible sharing of information while addressing competing stakeholder requirements and protecting privacy. The chosen individual will direct and coordinate development and implementation of ISE planning, programming, governance, policy, management, and reporting processes and solutions in coordination with National Security Council and OMB staff and interagency partners. Read the full position description on USAjobs and apply online.

Fellowship: PM-ISE Public Safety Information Sharing Officer

PM-ISE is hiring a Public Safety Information Sharing Officer through a new fellowship. This position will fulfill a mission to support and accelerate our work with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies advancing the vision of national security and public safety through responsible information sharing. Read the PDF of the position announcement here, and look through the comprehensive FAQ of the fellowship, here.

The fellowship is a one-year commitment, with option for a second year. The position is based at the offices of the PM-ISE in the Washington, DC, National Capital Region. The program is open to U.S. citizens who are current full time employees of a state, local, tribal, or territorial criminal justice department or agency; they must maintain that employment status for the duration of the fellowship. There are no salary and benefit reimbursement to the employer for participating fellows. Fellows remain on their department or agency payroll and return to their home agencies at the conclusion of the fellowship. Fellows who do not reside within the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area (WMA) will receive temporary quarters in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, a rental car and 75% of the Washington DC per diem rate.

How to apply: Send your resume and one letter of recommendation (from the chief executive of your department or agency addressing your qualifications for the fellowship as well as explaining an understanding that the fellowship does NOT reimburse salary and benefits to the home agency) to

ISE Mission Partner Career Opportunities

No current partner openings at this time.


Non-Reimbursable Assignee Positions

We are actively looking for high-performing GS employees seeking career development with expertise in:

Counterterrorism, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Acquisition, Data Standards, Information Sharing, Policy, Public Affairs, Systems Interoperability, Administration, Information Assurance, Identity and Access Management, Systems Architecture, Data Tagging, Interagency Governance, Cybersecurity, Critical Infrastructure, Performance Management

An assignee position with PM-ISE is a unique opportunity to advance your career. We directly support Executive Offices of the President and lead a significant number of interagency and government-wide initiatives. If you are interested and your management is supportive of a one-year tour, then please contact our Chief of Staff at 202-331-2490 or email us through our Contact Us page. Currently, only assignee positions are available (i.e., those reimbursed by your agency). Subscribe to receive email updates when new items are posted.

This office is a challenging and rewarding place to work that is driven by a complex, government-wide vision: “National security through responsible information sharing.” We are accountable for planning, managing, and overseeing interagency partners in their information sharing operations, but we do not directly control agency programs, their resources, or personnel. We work in close partnership with federal agencies, state, local, and tribal governments, the private sector, and international partners. We have a small team, limited resources, a large portfolio, and a multifaceted set of stakeholders and missions. Our priorities change frequently in response to emerging issues and White House direction. Our operations are characterized as fast paced, dynamic, and sometimes stressful. We work daily with the Nation’s most senior and influential leaders in counterterrorism, law enforcement, homeland security, industry, cybersecurity, and technology. Working directly for numerous organizations within the Executive Office of the President, we successfully conduct our mission at the highest level of the federal government, making a demonstrable impact on a national scale. High performing individuals are recognized, rewarded, and given incentive to advance.

The following is feedback from current assignees:

As a Department of Homeland Security assignee to the PM-ISE, my focus is supporting the DHS mission through the eyes of the Information Sharing Environment (ISE). This approach matches the best of both mission spaces where my subject matter expertise (geospatial) can be applied to information sharing, or more to the point, the removal of barriers to geospatial information sharing. The ISE allows me to work in the areas of policy, interoperability, and architecture across domains (Intel, SBU and Unclassified) and with federal stakeholders and industry partners. The challenges are significant, the opportunities diverse, and the potential mission benefits are limitless.
- DHS Assignee

I really am enjoying my joint duty tour in PM-ISE as a NSA assignee. It is a great place to work and learn about how the government operates. I have had many great experiences working with senior officials from many different parts of the government. As a member of the intelligence community, it is rare to get the chance to interact with and learn about other parts of the government such as law enforcement, homeland security, and health, as well as state, local, and tribal agencies. I now have this wonderful opportunity and am taking full advantage.
- NSA Assignee

I am the DHS assignee to the Classified Information-Sharing and Safeguarding Office, a function assigned to the PM-ISE by the so-called WikiLeaks Executive Order (EO 13587-- Structural Reforms to Improve the Security of Classified Networks and the Responsible Sharing and Safeguarding of Classified Information). As the DHS assignee to CISSO, I support both DHS and CISSO by representing the CISSO perspective to DHS and vice-versa. As part of the CISSO team, I have had many opportunities to contribute to the development of national-level decisions regarding the security and capabilities of federal classified networks. For example, CISSO was the principal support to OMB in defining clear functional targets for agencies to develop improved safeguarding capabilities for their classified networks. I have also had an impact on the federal strategy for establishing interoperable identity and access-management capabilities on federal networks at all classification levels. Such a capability is critical to enabling maximum responsible information sharing, and has been a long-standing personal interest that my assignment at PM-ISE has let me develop.
- DHS Assignee