ISE Privacy Guidelines Implementation Manual

As federal departments and agencies develop and use the Information Sharing Environment (ISE), they are required to implement the ISE Privacy Guidelines within their organizations. To assist them in their efforts, the Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment has issued several documents, collectively known as the Privacy and Civil Liberties Implementation Manual, to support agencies in understanding and implementing the ISE Privacy Guidelines while minimizing duplication of effort. The Manual includes:

  1. The Privacy and Civil Liberties Implementation Guide for the Information Sharing Environment (September 2007), which provides a suggested process and outlines best practices to assist federal agencies in implementing the ISE Privacy Guidelines.
  2. The Privacy and Civil Liberties Implementation Workbook for Federal Agencies (version 1.2), which translates elements of the ISE Privacy Guidelines into a step-by-step process for agencies to follow in generating their ISE Privacy Protection Policy.
  3. The Key Issues Guidance, which covers topics such as accountability, enforcement, and audit; redress; data quality; data security; and notice mechanisms.
  4. The Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Protections Guidance, which provides guidance on interpreting the ISE Privacy Guidelines requirements; explains how ISE participants' collection and subsequent use and sharing of information may implicate a person's civil rights and civil liberties; and provides guidance and examples for common civil rights and civil liberties issues that might be encountered by federal and state, local, and tribal (SLT) ISE mission partners.  

An agency’s ISE Privacy Protection Policy should be applied to the agency's ISE information sharing activities. The Manual will be updated and supplemented as necessary by the Privacy and Civil Liberties Sub-Committee of the Information Sharing and Access Interagency Policy Committee (ISA IPC), the successor to the ISE Privacy Guidelines Committee (PGC).