Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources

Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Overview

Sharing Information with the Private Sector

Critical infrastructure often is a prime target for the transnational terrorist enemy we face today. The private sector owns and operates an estimated 85% of infra­structure and resources that are critical to our Nation’s physical and economic security. It is, therefore, vital to ensure we develop effective and efficient information sharing partnerships with private sector entities. Important sectors of private industry have made significant invest­ments in mechanisms and methodologies to evaluate, assess, and exchange information across regional, market, and security-related communities of interest. We arebuilding on these efforts to adopt an effective framework that ensures a two-way flow of timely and actionable information between public and private partners.

Efforts to improve information sharing with the private sector have initially focused on shar­ing with the owners and operators of our Nation’s critical infrastructure and key resources. In accordance with the National Infrastructure Protection Plan, we are currently implementing a networked approach to information sharing that allows distribution and access to information both horizontally and vertically using secure networks and coordination mechanisms, allow­ing information sharing and collaboration within and among sectors. It also enables multi-directional information sharing between government and industry that focuses, streamlines, and reduces redundancy in reporting to the greatest extent possible.

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