State, Local, Territorial and Tribal Governments

The need to share actionable, timely, and relevant classified information among Federal, State, and Local partners in support of homeland security is self-evident.

State, Local, Territorial and Tribal Governments Overview

State and major urban area fusion centers are the primary point for receiving, analyzing, and sharing terrorist threat-related information among Federal, State, local, and tribal partners.  Information sharing, cooperation, and collaboration across the intelligence and law enforcement communities at all levels are essential to preventing and responding to terrorist attacks. ISE works to support this mission by engaging with fusion centers to provide guidance on best practices and information sharing standards.


Authorities at all levels of our federal system must share a common understanding of the information needed to prevent, deter, and respond to terrorist attacks. The common under­standing will be achieved through a framework that enables:  

  • federal entities to work together to provide information in ways that better meet the needs of State, local, territorial and tribal partners
  • information gathered at the state and local level to be processed, analyzed, disseminated, and integrated with information gathered at the federal level.



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