PM-ISE has published or sponsored several key foundational frameworks and products that have set the path for government-wide information sharing to enable a number of critical national security and public safety missions. The purpose of Project Interoperability (PI) is to promote the development of counterterrorism-related Information Sharing Environments (ISEs) between communities of interest (COIs) and to advocate for particular standards and technologies most likely to achieve the desired information sharing results and future compatibility between those ISEs. Interoperability allows organizations to:

  • Share information
  • Leverage resources
  • Reduce duplicative systems
  • Cut excessive costs

Interoperability is the ability to transfer and use information in a consistent, efficient way across multiple organizations and IT systems to accomplish operational missions. From a technical point of view, interoperability is developed through the consistent application of design principles and standards to address a specific mission problem. Administrative preconditions to interoperability, such as policies and procedures, must be in place to exchange and safeguard the information. PI achieves its mission through an integrated suite of technical and operational resources and expertise facilitating the planning, development, and optimization of ISEs to share counterterrorism and other mission-critical information. Those resources include the ISE Core Interoperability Framework (ICIF) and the ISE Integration Library.

For more information visit:  Project Interoperability on GitHub.