Sensitive But Unclassified

Since passage of the Computer Security Act of 1987, the U.S. Government has worked to increase access to information at the sensitive but unclassified (SBU). The mission of SBU is to provide federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement officers and analysts with a seamless, single sign-on ability to access data stored in multiple mission partner systems. This requires a federated approach to the reuse and scaling of services, structured data definitions, formalized authentication and authorization policies, and the development of data exchange standards.

In order to more efficiently coordinate these efforts and bring together key government stakeholders, the Sensitive But Unclassified Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) charter was signed in 2016. The mission of the STAC is leverage current enterprise services, share best practices in information sharing and safeguarding, and meet regularly to resolve interagency challenges to promote public safety and combat terrorism. The STAC membership currently includes: