ISE Functional and Technical Standards

The Common Information Sharing Standards (CISS) program allows for business process-driven, performance-based "common standards" for preparing terrorism information for maximum distribution and access, to enable the acquisition, access, retention, production, use, management, and sharing of terrorism information within the ISE.

The following are the current ISE Functional and Technical Standards. Related fact sheets and older versions of standards are available for viewing in the document repository.

Enterprise Architecture Framework

Common Information Sharing Standards

October, 2008
October, 2007

Accessing and Using Common Information Sharing Standards Publications

The CISS provides major components to the ISE Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF) and, more specifically, in the Data, Application and Service, and Technical Partitions of the EAF. The CISS information and artifacts can be found here, which interfaces with the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Tools Registry.

Accessing CISS Artifacts

The Access CISS Artifacts document includes the ISE-FS-200 Version 1.5 Technical Artifact.

CISS Help Desk

  • Phone Support: 9 AM-8 PM (EST): 1-877-333-5111 or 703-726-1919
  • Email Support: 9 AM-8 PM (EST):
  • Web: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: