What is ISE?

The Information Sharing Environment (ISE) broadly refers to the people, projects, systems, and agencies that enable responsible information sharing for national security.

This includes many different communities: law enforcement, public safety, homeland security, intelligence, defense, and foreign affairs. The people in these communities may work for federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial governments. They may also need to collaborate and share national security information with each other, private sector partners, or our foreign allies. While they work in different disciplines and have varying roles and responsibilities, they all rely on timely and accurate information to achieve their national security mission responsibilities.

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The Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment


The Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE) is Kshemendra Paul. The PM-ISE has government-wide authority to plan, oversee the build-out, and manage use of the ISE. He also co-chairs the White House’s Information Sharing and Access Interagency Policy Committee (ISA-IPC).

The office of the PM-ISE works with the communities described above to improve the management, discovery, and sharing of counterterrorism, homeland security, and WMD information. Examples of this include terrorism watchlisting, person and cargo screening, and suspicious activity reporting. Learn more about the Scope of the ISE or check out what we're working on lately in the ISE Blog.


ISE Mission Partners


Federal agencies and state, local, tribal, and private sector partners — the ISE Mission Partners — have the responsibility to help protect our people and our institutions. The office of the PM-ISE facilitates the development of the responsible information sharing by bringing together mission partners and aligning business processes, standards and architecture, security and access controls, privacy protections, and best practices. Click here to learn more about the ISE Business Model or browse through some of those best practices and lessons learned in Building Blocks of the ISE.

ISE Background

The ISE was established by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 — a direct result of 9/11 Commission recommendations. Click here to learn more about the Background and Authorities of the ISE.