ISE Mission Partner Career Opportunities

Intelligence Specialist, Naval Intelligence Command

This Intelligence Specialist position serves as a National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) Portfolio Mission Manager and primary action officer for coordinating multi-agency, national level, strategic, maritime intelligence for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High-Explosive (CBRNE) counter-proliferation and similar threats to U.S. interests.  Also participates in the development and implementation of the NMIO Unifying Intelligence Strategy. 

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PM-ISE Career Opportunities

There are no current openings.


Non-Reimbursable Assignee Positions

We are actively looking for high-performing GS employees seeking career development opportunities who have expertise in:

Counterterrorism, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Acquisition, Data Standards, Information Sharing, Policy, Public Affairs, Systems Interoperability, Administration, Information Assurance, Identity and Access Management, Systems Architecture, Data Tagging, Interagency Governance, Cybersecurity, Critical Infrastructure, Performance Management

An assignee position with PM-ISE is a unique opportunity to tackle some of your agencies intractable information sharing and safeguarding challenges while helping to advance your career. Our Office directly supports Executive Offices of the President while leading a significant number of interagency and government-wide information sharing and safeguarding initiatives. If you are interested and your management is supportive of a one-year tour, then please contact our Chief of Staff at 301-243-0613 or email us through our Contact Us page.  Subscribe to receive email updates when new items are posted.

This office is a challenging and rewarding place to work that is driven by our government-wide vision: “National security through responsible information sharing.” We are accountable for planning, managing, and overseeing implementation of the ISE with our mission partners . We work in close partnership with federal agencies, state, local, and tribal governments, the private sector, and international partners. We have a small team, limited resources, a large portfolio, and a multifaceted set of stakeholders and missions. Our priorities are centered in legislation and change in response to emerging issues and White House direction. Our operations are characterized as fast paced, dynamic, and sometimes stressful. We work daily with the Nation’s most senior and influential leaders in counterterrorism, law enforcement, homeland security, industry, cybersecurity, and technology. Working directly for numerous organizations within the Executive Office of the President, we successfully conduct our mission at the highest level of the federal government, making a demonstrable impact on a national scale. High performing individuals are recognized, rewarded, and given incentive to advance.