Fed CIO Council Releases Report on Adoption of NIEM Throughout Federal Government

The Federal CIO Council released a report this week on the adoption and use of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) throughout the federal government.  To date, twelve federal agencies have committed to use NIEM and seven more agencies are further evaluating the use of NIEM. 

In summary, this report highlights an unprecedented opportunity for substantial gains in increasing standardized connections and shared services for cross-boundary information exchange. It challenges the status quo of silos and presents a path forward to a strategy for significant gains. The analysis of these results, the maturity and capability of the agencies to deliver, and the potential indications of high reuse should be strategic drivers for the growth of the NIEM program, as it rises to meet these challenges and take advantage of these new opportunities.

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Blog Author: Donna Roy, Executive Director, DHS Information Sharing Environment Office | Apr 14, 2011

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