Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN)

The Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) is the trusted network for homeland security mission operations to share Sensitive But Unclassified information.

HSIN is the nation’s focal point for sharing Sensitive But Unclassified information. It enables Federal, State, local, tribal, territorial, international and private sector homeland security partners to achieve their missions through information sharing.

HSIN is a mature information sharing model, eliminating vertical silos and enabling greater market penetration through a cloud environment. Through HSIN, the information sharing requirements of homeland security mission operators are matched with appropriate access rights, enabling users to access content based on their verified attributes, and supported by the use of effective processes and strong governance.

HSIN's Features and Capabilities:

  • Alerts and Notifications Basic
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Comprehensive HSIN Training Document Repository
  • GIS Mapping
  • Instant Messaging (HSIN Chat)
  • Managed Workflow Capabilities
  • Secure Messaging (HSINBox)
  • Web Conferencing (HSIN Connect)

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