Mission Stories

The mission of the ISE is to advance responsible information sharing to further counterterrorism, homeland security, and cybersecurity missions.

• Transforming domestic information sharing architecture to better identify and respond to threats

• Building and delivering capabilities to manage and integrate vast stores of information

• Enhancing cybersecurity information sharing by extending the use of ISE tools.

Featured Stories

Law Enforcement
Communities are safer when law enforcement personnel have the means to share information. With the May 2015 launch of America’s first nationwide officer event deconfliction system, law enforcement personnel are safer too.
Border Patrol Officers
Texas is home to more than half of the United States’ border with Mexico. Along this 1,200 mile span, human and drug smuggling operations and related...
iseSAR Logo
The PM-ISE issued the first ISE-SAR Functional Standard in 2008, followed by version 1.5 a year later. Version 1.5.5 incorporates operational and technical updates identified by federal partners, the national network of fusion centers, and state and local organizations.

Most Recent Mission Stories

Mar 16, 2016

Between 2011 and 2016, the Classified Information Sharing and Safeguarding Office (CISSO), led by the Deputy PM-ISE, developed and sustained the Key Information Sharing and Safeguarding Indicators (KISSI) Metrics Program in support of the Senior Information Sharing and Safeguarding (SISS) Steering Committee established by Executive Order 13587.

Aug 28, 2015

Geo4NIEM is a collaborative public-private partnership between the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Program Management Office (PMO), Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Department of Homeland Security and the Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE).  NIEM is a common vocabulary that enables efficient information exchange across diverse public and private organizat

Aug 26, 2015

As the tragic events unfolded in Chattanooga, Tennessee, approximately 400 federal, state and local officials logged on to HSIN's National Situational Awareness Room (SitAware), to get the up-to-the-minute information they needed to support first responders on the ground. 

Aug 20, 2015

Preparing for and responding to flood-related emergencies is a year-round process that requires strong public and private partnerships. The Homeland Security Information Network (HISN) equips officials with the tools to tackle flood-related natural disasters by providing:

Mitigation: HSIN assists you to implement preventive measures by providing the tools to pinpoint and map the impact of previous floods and where and at what stage certain waterways were breached in the past.