Flood Management: Leveraging ISE Resources to Minimize Impact

Flood warning

Preparing for and responding to flood-related emergencies is a year-round process that requires strong public and private partnerships. The Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) equips officials with the tools to tackle flood-related natural disasters by providing:

Mitigation: HSIN assists you to implement preventive measures by providing the tools to pinpoint and map the impact of previous floods and where and at what stage certain waterways were breached in the past.

Preparedness: HSIN is a platform for sharing lessons learned and developing preparedness strategies, including evacuation routes, shelter locations, and other public safety requisites.

Response: HSIN provides a secure environment in which federal, state, local, tribal and private sector partners can communicate in real time. Because HSIN is web-based, individual organizations do not need to grant outside agencies access to secure, local networks.

Recovery: As flood waters recede, HSIN is a central location for sharing information on the impact of the disaster and current recovery activities. The ArcGIS tool on HSIN can also be used to:

  • map final water-level measurements
  • identify patterns
  • identify appropriate areas for rebuilding 
  • share after action reports 
  • update mitigation strategies

These are some of the ways HSIN can support flood preparedness and emergency management operations. To learn more, contact your HSIN Mission Advocate.