Foreign Affairs

Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR)

DOS SealThe Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) is the State Department component responsible for analyzing intelligence about foreign countries acquired through U.S. embassies and other sources. The INR is the “intelligence support component” of the State Department. “INR provides intelligence support to the Secretary of State and other State Department policymakers, including ambassadors, special negotiators, country directors, and desk officers. As the Senior Intelligence Official at the State Department, INR’s Assistant Secretary ensures that intelligence informs policy and that intelligence activities support American diplomatic objectives.

INR supports the Secretary of State’s global responsibilities by:

  • Analyzing foreign events, issues, and trends.
  • Coordinating intelligence policy and activities.
  • Surveying foreign public opinion and analyzing foreign media.
  • Organizing conferences to benefit from outside expertise, managing the Intelligence Community Associate’s Program, and administering the Title VIII grant program on Eurasian and East European Studies.
  • Analyzing foreign humanitarian challenges.

INR has approximately 300 personnel drawn principally from the Civil Service and the Foreign Service.”