Other Federal Partners

Not all ISE federal partners have security or intelligence as their primary missions. Non-Title 50 (NT-50) departments and agencies are those federal departments and agencies not listed as elements of the Intelligence Community (IC) in Title 50 of the United States Code or Executive Order 12333, United States Intelligence Activities (as amended July 30, 2008).

Examples of NT-50 departments include:

Programs related to national security such as defensive counterintelligence, insider threat, and cyber security programs are being implemented across the federal government. It is through these departmental programs the majority of ISE information sharing occurs for NT-50s. NT-50 ISE partners, while participating within their mission priorities, are important to the ISE terrorism-related information sharing.

Foreign visitors (FV) programs are another area among NT-50s that could rise to the level of ISE sharing. When FV activities of concern are shared appropriately among ISE partners, important trends or potential threats may come to light.

The ODNI has several active initiatives that enable information sharing among elements of the IC, Non-Title 50 entities, and state, local, and tribal governments. A key technical innovation in these initiatives is the development of a “Common Trust Environment,” which would put in place uniform identity management, information security standards, user authorization, and access control to promote common trust. Similar initiatives, such as privilege management control technologies and access control pilots, are being discussed as part of the ISE.